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I was so ecstatic to be able to purchase this at a discount and share my thoughts. This Ultimate Hydration Pack is a sturdy pack, It is well made and doesn’t feel like it will break or tear easily at all. The shoulder straps have plenty of cushion to keep your shoulder comfortable. I like the multiple straps that go around your waist, it will especially be amazing if you are hiking or doing any extreme sport cause it will stay on you and not lift up. This pack has 3 pouches. a small one for quick access items, a medium one to keep maybe a few snacks and lastly is the largest one, for your hydration pack. It is not too big and has a slim design. the hose sneaks out through the shoulder straps and is easy to access. You can of course remove the water pack inside if you needed to and use it as a slim pack.

– Annette Grafmyer

Reviews & Recommendations

These are super awesome! I bought these for my daughters soccer shoes. She hasn’t played in them yet, she’s registered for fall. I’m praying they hold up well and don’t break because I’m super excited to not have to tie her shoes every 15 minutes

Faith R Holbrook

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