Qi Laces Instruction Guide

How it works

Your complete no-tie solution! Qi Laces are your best choice for the rigors of running, cycling and walking. The tension is quickly and easily adjustable on the fly. They are excellent for children, senior citizens and anyone who has difficulty tying shoes. With their elastic design Qi Laces sustain comfort by applying even pressure across the top of your foot to accommodate any normal foot expansion during exercise. This means you won’t feel any pinching or numbness, even after a long run!

Qi Laces are one-length-fits-all, and are cut to a perfect fit by you. The lock ensures that your laces will never come untied, and the sleek, low-profile tip clip protects the lace ends.

How to use

1. Lace your shoes.


2. Familiarize yourself with the lock. The lock can be closed or open.

IMG_20170124_193617 IMG_20170124_193609

3. a. You are now ready to squeeze the lock and push each lace through the lock one by one. With your dominant hand, squeeze the lock to the Open position (see diagram above). It is often helpful to hold the lock with your thumb on the top button.

With your other hand, slip one plastic-coated lace end into the lock’s opening.


b. Now it is time to insert the second lace end. Again squeeze the lock to the open position, and push the plastic-coated end of the second lace into the lock opening, pushing the plastic end against the first lace. You will feel the first lace slip further into the lock as you push. That is fine. Finish pushing the lace tip through.

IMG_20170124_193759 IMG_20170124_193848

c. Now pull the second lace tip out from the front of the lock, making the ends even.

4. Put shoes on, and adjust lock to desired tightness. Then, trim laces to size, leaving 3 inches below lock, depending on your preference.


5. You are now ready to treat the ends of your laces.

a. Optional but highly recommended

Burn the lace tips for just a second in order to seal them and prevent the laces from fraying. DO THIS UNDER ADULT SUPERVISION.


b. Installation of the decorative clips. Note: If you’ve burned the tips as shown in 5.a., installation of the decorative clips are optional.

There is a top and bottom to each clip. Hold the bottom side of the clip which has the plastic channel as shown. Into the hinged side of the clip, insert both lace tips until the lace ends nearly reach the farthest row of teeth inside the clip but, do not go any further than shown. Push down between the plastic pieces into the channel.

IMG_20170124_194311 IMG_20170124_194333 IMG_20170124_194702

IMG_20170124_194719 IMG_20170124_194726

Carefully fold and close the clip completely. Don’t be afraid to apply pressure. If you feel any resistance, check the lace ends are not pushing beyond the clip closure. Try closing the clips again.


Please note: There are 4 clips included – 2 are included as back up replacement clips.

6. Adjust the lock as you slip in and out of your shoes.
TIP: If you’ve used the decorative clips as noted in 5.b. above, make sure you pull on the laces as shown in the diagram below and not on the clips. The clips are decorative and are not meant to be pulled for adjusting.

IMG_20170124_192801 IMG_20170124_192952

7. Enjoy your Qi Laces!